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Sacrificial Ritual ("Qurban")

If you are interested in going through SABA's contacts to perform sacrificial rituals ("Qurban"), then you are requested to give your check to SABA by Thursday, October 2nd. The cost for a lamb is $100 this year.

SABA Forums

SABA is pleased to introduce an online forum for community members to help connect with each other with respect to careers and social services.
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Minivan Donation

SABA Academy is looking for mini-van donations for local library/park/field trips. The minivan must be in good, working condition. Tax deductible receipts are available. Please email

SABA Health Center

Expanded Services:
We will be expanding our services to the following areas:

1- Covered California Special Enrollment Click here for additional information
2- Life Coaching Click here for additional information
3- Health Education & Social Services Click here for additional information

Please Call Our Direct Line: 408-444-3139

SCRIP Program

SCRIP-Give Back To SABA While You Shop!
Give Back To SABA While You Shop! at NO Additional Cost to you!
SABA can earn money while you're making your regular household purchases. All you have to do is use scrip gift cards instead of cash or credit.
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Please subscribe to SABA youtube channels to watch archieved past Muharram and Ramadhan programs.
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SABA Academy

SABA Academy is enrolling Pre-k to 7th grade students. Please email inquiries to

SABA Matrimonial Services

SABA offers confidential matrimonial services. If you are interested, please fill out the form at SABA Matrimonial webpage.


Thursday October 2 / Dhul Hijjah 7
Isal e Sawab Majlis for Marhoom Gazanfar Ali Khan and Marhooma Baderunissa Begum
7:00 PM Dua-e-Kumayl
7:13 PM Maghrib and Isha Prayers
7:35 PM English Speech by Moulana Abbas Mirza
8:15 PM Dua-e-Kumayl
8:50 PM Dinner


Friday October 3 / Dhul Hijjah 8
12:30 PM Khutbah by Moulana Abbas Mirza
1:15 PM Jumuah and Asr Prayers
1:40 PM Lunch

Youth Program
7:00 PM Youth Program and Discussion
7:13 PM Maghrib and Isha Prayers
8:15 PM Dinner


Sunday October 5 / Dhul Hijjah 10
Eid ul Adha
8:00 AM Dua e Nudba
8:45 AM Eid Prayers and Khutbah by Moulana Abbas Mirza
10:30 AM Hajj Simulation by SABA Academy Students

Prayer Times

San Jose Area
Imsaak5:35 AM
Fajr5:50 AM
Sunrise7:02 AM
Zuhr12:57 PM
Sunset6:52 PM
Maghrib7:14 PM
Midnight12:57 AM
Other Cities - Precautions

Hadith of the Week

Anger spoils faith in the same way as vinegar destroys honey. -Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Usul al-Kafi
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